This passion has been handed
down from father to son for four generations.

The story began in 1917 thanks to the obstinacy of Luce Damiani, a stubborn and headstrong woman, who started
to manage the olive groves inherited from her father and created one of the largest factories in the area. The eldest
of her seven children Antonio, master miller, continued the business carried on by the mother innovating the oil
transformation process. In 1989 his eldest son Luigi inherited the company; he combined quality, tradition and
technological innovation…read more


Production cycle


How to taste Extra virgin olive oil


Pour approximately 1 tablespoon of Congedi Olive Oil in a small glass. Cover the glass with one hand and shake
it delicately until the oil sticks on to the entire inside surface. Warm the oil in the glass with your hands till it is
close to body temperature.

• Lift the glass to your nose and sniff thrice, read more


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