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Grown in Salento

Discover the unique flavor of our wonderful land

Discover the unique flavor of our wonderful land. The oil of Salento owes its fortune, its delicacy and its goodness to the particular blend of elements characterizing the Salento area, a magical land of southern Italy, which boasts places where there is still an uncontaminated nature and where the encounter between the sea and the land creates breathtaking landscapes and regenerates heart and soul.

Located between the two seas of the Adriatic to the east and the Ionian to the west, south of Apulia, Salento is characterized by a particularly harsh, dry territory, in which the karstic rock opens sudden gaps in the ground, with plateaus where cultivated fields , vineyards and olive groves emerge among the rocks, the result of the centuries-old and patient work of generations of farmers, who have the merit of having offered fertile ground for the production of Italian olive oil.

A splendid colour, a delicious taste, a superfine perfume

The presence of the sea not far away, which the olive tree loves, promotes its growth and further enriches its taste, making the experience even more pleasant for the senses. A splendid colour, a delicious taste, a superfine perfume. Most of the olive trees from which extra -virgin olive oil is obtained belong to the monovarietal species Favolosa, Coratina, Leccino and Frantoio.

TThe first species is characterized by rustic, slow-growing plants and fruits from which extra -virgin olive oil can only be extracted when fully ripe. Cellina is a variety of olive tree with high yield, and medium productivity, characterized by fruits with an elliptical shape and slightly irregular in its symmetry.

Ogliarola, the second variety from which extra -virgin olive oil is extracted in Salento, grows rapidly and has the same robustness as Cellina, it produces abundant fruits with a perfectly elliptical and symmetrical shape and they produce Apulian oil universally recognized for its goodness, and the percentage yield is very high.

Salento oil is known all over the world for its value as a typical Salento product, a creature of the Apulian tradition exported to many countries around the world, and it has received many awards and recognitions. Among the most important, the oil of Salento has won the Protected Designation of Origin for the high quality of the product, with the name of Terra d’Otranto Oil. The olives are still harvested by hand, thus avoiding the traumas on the trees because of percussion of the branches. They are immediately ground and processed in production plants, modern industrial companies or ancient oil mills by means of a traditional technique, in order to obtain the best possible oil, one of the staple foods of our cuisine and of the healthy and nutritious Mediterranean diet.

The oil grown in Salento is strictly extra virgin, and its percentage of acidity never exceeds 0.8%, which makes it an ideal food to accompany our dishes, our soups and our salads. Given its strength and taste, just a few drops are enough, a drizzle of Italian extra -virgin olive oil added raw just before serving, to give our dishes an extra touch which will make them perfect.