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Sustainability & Biodiversity

Taking care of the environment is everyone’s duty.

In addition to strictly agricultural growth, the Congedi Oil Mill has been investing in environmental sustainability for several years, focusing on renewable sources, energy saving and Co2 reduction. A latest-generation photovoltaic system has been installed in the plant since 2010, and it covers the entire energy needs for oil production. And the pomace is also recovered with the use of a plant separating the pomace pulp from the stone. While the pulp is used as a fertilizer in the fields, the pomace kernel is obtained from the stone, an ecological fuel with low environmental impact which is used both to heat the entire plant and to feed the oil-procuction cycle. The Congedi Mill has invested in an important educational project which highlights the practices of using waste from oil production. Other green choices in Congedi Oil Mill are the use electric forklifts for the transport and storage of goods and low consumption LEgD lihts. Finally, the plastic free campaign, because eliminating plastic from the company is an act of responsibility, and it has been practised by creating aluminium bottles which allow to draw drinking water from special dispensers with practicality and sustainability.

A taste for biodiversity

Tomato, walnut, almond, chicory, apple, cut grass, aromatic herbs, soft fruit: they are only some of the many tastes extravirgin oils give us. So many are the cultivars and the emotions and they are a sign of the rich biodiversity we have at our disposal. Our oil is produced exclusively from cultivar which are typical of the region where we operate, because autochthonous varieties only give a sense to our work and uniqueness to our product.